Contest #1: The Energy Ideas Contest

Contest #1, which ran from November - December 2013, focused on generating new ideas for using energy data to create high-value products, applications, services and research. We awarded $10,000 in prizes to winners in three campaigns, described below.

In Contest #2, teams that decide to build an app that uses one of these winning ideas as inspiration will be eligible for the "Best Use of a Winning Contest #1 Idea" prize.

Best Ideas for an Existing Dataset

In this campaign, we asked the public to explore a list of existing Department of Energy public data resources, and tell us their ideas for using a dataset in a new and interesting way. The winners are...

Best Ideas for a "Wish List" Dataset

For this campaign, we asked about the energy data on your "wish list" -- data that, if it was available, would be extremely valuable. The winners are...

  • First Prize ($1,000): Leveraging Natural Gas Data

    An idea discussing the importance of expanding the adoption of the Green Button standard among natural gas utilities. Combining gas usage with electricity usage could provide a more complete picture of energy usage in many homes and buildings than electricity usage alone.

  • Second Prize ($500): Community Energy Use Mapping

    A "wish list" dataset that would provide energy usage information aggregated at community-level geographic areas (i.e. parcels, census blocks, cities, etc.). Local energy statistics could empower local communities to better understand energy trends in their areas.

  • Third Prize ($250): A Realtime Residential Energy Dataset

    This wish list idea describes creating an API to granular household consumption data (similar to that available in the RECS Survey) for use by the utilities that service those homes and other third parties authorized by the customer. Such an API could allow providers to better serve their customers.

  • Popular Choice ($250): Green Energy Tracker

    The popular choice award-winner "wish list" idea is for an API that would provide near-real time information on the energy mix within a specific ISO/RTO at any given time in a simple, standard JSON format.

Best "Killer Ideas" for an Energy-focused Application or Service

In this campaign, we asked for "killer ideas" for new energy-focused applications or services. The winners are ...