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Quesadilla is an interactive visualization of energy flows in the United States. It incorporates historic data from 1949, projected data to 2040, and includes energy flows from energy extraction method through to sector end-use, where available. This gives users an understanding of how energy is used in the U.S., and how this changes over time. It is intended as an improvement over the static LLNL Estimated Energy Use Flowcharts (, which do not show trends, or end-uses. The data for the project is freely available from the U.S. Energy Information Administration ( Full sources are listed in the 'Quesadilla Data.xlsx' spreadsheet on our Github Page ( We did our best to smooth trends where data are not directly comparable, and appreciate any input on ways to better explain to users where such smoothing is necessary. All code is under the MIT license, so anyone is free to share, modify, or use without restriction.

Why do we call it Quesadilla? It's a cheesy name... Nick was eating a quesadilla when we were thinking of names for the project.


We're a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Maryland.


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