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Home Energy Hunt

Looking for a place to buy or rent is a difficult task. There are many things to take into account, location, rent, and neighborhood to note a few. The one thing that is missing in this list tho is the cost of energy. Energy costs represent a significant monthly expense that few people take into account when calculating whether or not they can afford a given place. Home Energy Hunt was created out of a need to add energy costs back into the equation. NEW PARAGRAPH Pulling relevant energy information paired with location aware retail listing is the heart of this app. This is accomplished by getting retail and demographic information from Zillow, energy cost information from EIA, walkability score information from These data points help to inform a prospective user on the whether or not a location falls into their budget range. However we did not want to stop there we added further interaction points via the ability for a user to score their home and see how much money they could save through


Please use this sample Green Button XML file when using this application:


Source code available here:


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