Apps for Energy II


WattBuddy lets you take charge of your electricity use with Track, Graph, and Save.


With TRACK, WattBuddy quickly grabs your exact electricity usage either from your Greenbutton data, or by directly reading your analog or digital electricity meter. WattBuddy accepts the GreenButton XML files from a compatible electricity supplier, or, using computer vision, can scan your electricity meter like a bar code, so you can easily track your electricity usage at a weekly, daily, or even hourly interval.


With GRAPH, WattBuddy plots your historical usage, so that you can easily see your daily and weekly patterns, as well as showing your standard deviations, so you can see if your usage is consistent or erratic.


Finally, with SAVE, WattBuddy provides competitive offers in deregulated electricity markets (currently PA and TX), and calculates exactly how much a user can save by switching, using their specific electricity usage.


Take charge of your electricity usage with WattBuddy.


You can access a web-enabled version of WattBuddy at (most features are available, but some are impossible due to the limitations of the platform):


You can run WattBuddy on any iOS 7 device, including recent iPhones and iPads. WattBuddy is available free via the Apple App Store. The version currently available on the store (as of March 9th) does not have our new features, but we have submitted a new version, and expect it to be available generally March 14-19. Your phone must have an Internet connection in order to use all the WattBuddy features.



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