Apps for Energy II

e-Lite Power Use Planner with Green Button Usage Data

No two electrons are created with equal emissions. The mix of electricity sources to any neighborhood changes every five minutes. The emission intensity can change by a factor of two or three within the same day!


Imagine home and business owners checking their mobile apps each day to find the cleanest time to use electricity in their neighborhood that week.


Emission Information´s (EI) technology and the e-Lite mobile app make this break-through information technology possible.


Within e-Lite is the combination of the power of Green Button hourly usage data, weather forecasting, power generation and grid flow simulation, real-time grid-power flow monitoring, generator stack-level emission modeling using EPA´s eGrid data, and power flow tracing.


Mobile app users can download their usage data as it becomes available , review cleanest and dirtiest times to use electricity based on their zip codes, make commitments to shift their use of appliances to a cleaner period, and track the savings results of their committed actions. The mobile app presents users' results in terms of carbon footprint, tree-years, recycled paper or car-miles driven, compares them to neighbors or other groups, and users can then share these results with their friends via Facebook or other social networks.


EI´s strategic partner, Genscape Inc., has installed and maintains a proprietary network of power flow monitors strategically placed throughout the electricity grid to inform optimal generation dispatch and power flow forecasts.


EI has created stack-level emission models for every fossil-fuel power plant on the grid using EPA´s eGrid database. EI has also developed a tracing methodology to identify the generation sources of electricity contributing to any given demand substation on the grid. With these tools, EI produces an hourly forward-look of emission intensity for any given demand zip code on the grid. Combining these results with Green Button usage information produces a locational-specific carbon footprint from electricity use at an hourly level.


These results are delivered to the mobile app with a user-friendly interface to both inform and engage homeowners and businesses alike.


The e-Lite Power Use Planner with Green Button Usage Data can be found on the iTunes App store at and can be tested using Testflight by following directions on the following link



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