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Using Wind Power Sabreez

Sabreez is a demand response green button app that promotes renewable energy integration. The App combines utility-scale generation data with user consumption data to return a user’s wind power consumption relative to fossil fuel consumption. Our reports reduce a complex array of hourly data into a simple pie chart. For consumers, Sabreez is a money-saving game. For utilities, Sabreez integrates Wind Power cost-effectively.


Wind power is strongest at night when demand is low; this is especially true during the Summer when Generation is stressed by afternoon peak demand. As power ramps up during the day, more natural gas turbines come online. Therefore, electricity is cheapest when wind power is strongest. To illustrate the relationship between wind power and natural gas generation, I created a concept called the “Wind Number.” The higher your Wind Number, the more money you save on a time of use rate tariff.


Your wind number is the ratio of your power consumption that comes from wind versus thermal technologies like coal and natural gas. The Wind Number is currently derived using the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) data published in the Renewables Watch Database- but the concept applies to other regions as well. By multiplying the hourly Wind Number with a consumer’s hourly energy consumption, the Consumer’s Wind Number is determined. Your Wind Number is based on increasing consumption, and as such, will be able to reach a broader market segment than Apps which offer to reduce consumption.


There are many new technologies that increase your Wind Number. Quite simply, programming your thermostat, adjusting the run-time on your pool pump, and using the delay button on your dishwasher can all increase your Wind Number. Using solar increases your Wind Number because you’re not using grid resources when wind is low. Charging an electric vehicle at night also increases your Wind Number. All of the Smart Grid technologies help increase your Wind Number.


Your Wind Number is a Game. Just upload a month of data, take a screen shot, and post it to Facebook. Whoever gets the highest Wind Number Wins. They also save the most money using a time of use rate tariff. The winners will be people that are engaged with Smart Grid; using automated home area networks, load shifting, driving an electric car, and using solar power. There will be messaging that helps people increase their Wind Number, effectively providing an energy audit that strips away the extraneous information and delivers the actionable messaging. Sabreez integrates renewables, achieves residential demand response, and encourages the adoption of energy efficient technology using a compelling value proposition that people understand. Using more of a better product for less money.


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