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Executive summary: enACT offers a SaaS-based marketplace for homeowners to find energy upgrade investments, service providers and financing. enACT is not only an customer origination platform but also a powerful marketing analytics and CRM platform for a broad range of partners.


The problem: Home energy retrofits including clean energy creates huge value (on average $1000 savings per year), and is a $10 billion per year industry, expected to grow to $50 billion in the US alone by 2018. The mainstream customer lacks a reliable buying platform, and a complex buying process leading to high acquisition costs.


enACT’s platform solution: enACT’s platform is a data-driven, dynamic marketplace that connects the entire home energy industry – providers, OEMs and financiers – to live consumers. enACT creates customized consumer proposals for cost savings leveraging various data sources like live utility smart-meter data (through GreenButton API) and geospatial data, as well as dynamic pricing inputs from platform providers. enACT advises on the most economic solution, available financing options and service provider ratings. enACT also administers the post-purchase service and warranty experience as well.


enACT’s platform integrates seamlessly to a range of affiliate partners – so consumers can now get unbiased verification through “social benchmarking”. enACT subscribers can create their own marketing campaigns, improve CRM tracking and automate lead nurturing. Together with such features, enACT is a high engagement platform for both consumers and partners with strong network effects.


enACT is a GreenButton Connect partner (LIVE) with San Diego Gas and Electric, and is currently testing with SCE and PGE as well.


What is UNIQUE about enACT?


1. enACT consumers can get home energy upgrade solution proposals that are very accurate, based on LIVE smart meter data


2. enACT consumers can COMBINE projects - e.g. LED + Solar, or Solar thermal + thermostats. This is important - as individual providers often do not look at a holistic picture


3. enACT consumers can FINANCE such combined projects at one time. enACT has already lined up large banks that finance multiple energy upgrades.


4. enACT consumers can decide from vetted providers and seek advice prior to meeting any specific company or signing a contract.


5. enACT consumers can measure the results of their investment, leveraging the Green-button API. Adding VERIFICATION to this process is a critical step towards low-cost financing in the future, that the platform will enable.


enACT also provides a host of benefits to energy service providers, banks and OEMs - high quality technical, market and commercial data, sales pipeline planning and acquisition cost savings.


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