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myGB - personalized energy saving tool

myGB - personalized energy saving tool





myGB is a web-based rapid and intuitive tool for analyzing Green Button data - it analyzes past energy usage to help formulate a future energy plan.



myGB works in four simple steps:

1. Upload a Green Button data file.

2. Visualize the Green Button data.

3. Analyze the key consumption results.

4. Create an action plan for future savings.



Simply knowing your past usage without a proper future plan is useless. However, a future plan cannot be effective without knowing past usage behaviors and patterns. As a result, myGB is designed to be used continuously and iteratively - myGB examines past and current usage to shape future plans.


After going through the myGB process and implementing an action plan, in the following weeks or month a new set of data can be analyzed to see how well the action plan worked. If the action plan was successful, myGB can then be used as a monitoring system to make sure the action plan is still successful in the future. If the action plan was not successful, myGB's analysis can lead to the formulation of a new action plan. The process can then be repeated iteratively as often as needed.



myGB offers many benefits:

1. Currently available free of charge.

2. Analyzes both cost and consumption – not just consumption.

3. Ready to use web application - no need for any installation.

4. Scalable - updates and new feature additions are transparent to the user.



myGB meets the needs of today's energy consumer. Its simple four-step process is specifically designed to save money and energy. Its past, present and future approach is an efficient and effective way to make meaningful changes. Utilizing Green Button data means myGB analyzes the most current data sets available to utility customers. Minimal barriers to use, meaningful analysis of past and present data, strategic approaches to future plans, and scalability make myGB an effective cost-reduction and energy-efficiency tool.



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