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kWh - Energy Conscious Country

In America, Energy Awareness is still a challenge. Department of Energy has done an excellent job of consolidating energy information. In particular, DSIREUSA.ORG is an excellent tool that identifies the incentives in the respective regional. What we lack is awareness and quantifying the energy usage through the day, week, weekends, and seasons, year over year by various energy users and our facilities energy profile as a whole.


We need to bring awareness so that our employees, home owners, students, as citizen and our work force in commercial and industrial sector is Energy Conscious. Energy usage and cost equation should become our second nature. I came across the Japan super cool biz program where they advertise (the Ministry of Environment) to wear half sleeves at work place during summer time and cut down the Air Conditioning to reduce the burden on the Energy supply side. We need standardize on one energy unit “kWh” and try to bring visualization in our message. For example: Refrigerators/Washing machines or Electric ovens energy profile for residential type of load, Compressors energy profile where we can utilize existing Energy Tips from EnergyStar for commercial and industrial sector.

We need to make kWh to be understood and to be used in campaigns for making our great country an energy conscious country.



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