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Working in harmony with the earth

The information regarding ground source heat pumps (gshp) is available in many data sets. The problem is not finding the information, the problem is that not enough people are aware of the technology. Gshp's are the most trustable, reliable and economical renewable technology on the market and yet few are aware of it. In some states the laws that prohibit drilling or the use of water sources make even considering going geothermal a daunting task. There is no central location of federal standards to which a consumer or a contractor can turn for advice. There needs to be a data set of federal guidelines that allow and even promote geothermal. Whether it is closed loop utilizing a horizontal field or a borehole system, or even a pump to inject open system, the access to what is and isn't allowed should be clear. This data set should also include information about local water resources from the National Ground Water Association, the average number of heating and cooling hours for the area and the local requirements for well permitting. As it stands now the information is very hard to find. Depending on who you get at the permitting office, you may even be given different rules to follow. The best use of data for the present day is to help increase public awareness of and interest in turning to geothermal. The money saved by implementing this technology in public schools could be much better spent on decent salaries for teachers, assistants in the classrooms, books and computers and school lunches (yuk!). If we used geothermal hvac in hospitals we could save enough money to help fund national healthcare. When we work in harmony with the earth we will decrease our dependence on oil, which might even bring our soldiers home sooner. In short, start a national program that will send a message to the American public and eventually the whole world: Let's get back to heating and cooling the way the earth intended it.



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