Apps for Energy II


WattZ helps you quickly estimate the electricity usage of virtually any house in the US, helping prospective renters or homeowners eliminate big surprise bills.


Users can see a quick estimation of the electricity usage in their neighborhood with color coded pins on a map (green for low electricity bills, yellow for medium, or red for high electricity bills), or they can search for the electricity usage of a specific address.


Behind the scenes we are checking the house specs at Zillow, generating a usage estimate using the Department of Energy’s Building Performance Database, and estimating a total cost using the DoE’s EIA API for average electricity prices. (No endorsement is implied for WattZ from Zillow or the Department of Energy.)


Don’t be surprised by your new home’s high electricity bill. Download WattZ.


You can access a web-enabled version of WattZ at (most features are available, but some are impossible due to the limitations of the platform):


You can run WattZ on any iOS 7 device, including recent iPhones and iPads. WattZ is available free via the Apple App Store. The version currently available on the store (as of March 9th) is our initial version. We have submitted our new version, and expect it to be available soon. Your phone must have an Internet connection in order to use all the WattZ features.



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