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Voluntary Submission of Greenbutton Data

We propose creation of a publically available greenbutton data set by allowing utility customers to voluntarily upload relevant data along with key parameters related to building(home or business). The data set would include five relational databases as follows.

1) building description – a) location [zip code and or census tract]; b) year constructed; c) size; d) number of stories; e) structure type [wood frame, structural steel, masonry, etc); f) orientation; g) roofing type; h) fuel type for heating. i) results of air leakage testing.

2) Electric Use [greenbutton data] – a) hourly energy data; b) electric rate structure. This data element could be provided directly by the utility with approval from the customer.

3) Occupancy Characteristics – a) primary use; b) number of occupants; and c) occupancy patterns [morning, afternoon, evening, night].

4) Equipment and Appliances – This database identify each major appliance(washer, dryer, refrigerator, range, dishwasher, etc) and equipment(waterheater, AC, furnance, lighting, solar, etc) by make, model, year of manufacture, and estimated annual energy use if known.

5) Major Equipment Upgrades – a) type; b) description; c) date; d) costa for projects such as insulation upgrades, window replacement, furnace replacement, appliance replacement.

The first database would be in a one to many relationship with the other data sets.

Utility customers would be encouraged to upload data by providing access to a data analysis tools and recommendations for improving building energy performance. Additionally, people who upload data would be given the ability to compare their energy use to other utility customers that operate similar building.

The data would also be made available for academic study and analysis. This analysis could be used to determine the actual value of various energy conservation measures.

Submitted by Vern Novstrup 9 months ago

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  1. Moderator

    This is a great idea! There was a similar effort underway last year, which you can check out here: http://energydatadrive.org/

    I definitely encourage folks with access to Green Button data to try this out!

    You also might be interested in the Home Energy Yardstick, a tool that tries to give you actionable recommendations based on the characteristics of your house:


    9 months ago