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Vivergy LLC is an early-stage software start-up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company produces a web and mobile platform that allows individual users to score their contribution to local health issues, such as childhood asthma, due to air pollution. After learning their score, users discover a number of opportunities to reduce local air pollution through personal reductions in energy consumption. The platform uses a series of proprietary algorithms that link personal energy habits to health problems. Some of the impacts of these pollutants include lung cancer, childhood asthma, strokes and heart disease. Plans for ongoing user engagement revolve around social psychology and game theory. Vivergy generates revenue by marketing products that reduce energy consumption, such as solar panels and fuel-efficient vehicles.


Some major components of the product include:

-Visual rewards for completion of tasks that reduce energy consumption. Visual communication of concepts like “children’s health” and “air pollution”.

-Competition with others in your community, as well as collaboration. See how your score compares to others, and see how your actions add up to improve local health.

-Convenience in ordering products/services. Order energy efficiency, solar panels and other items directly through site, with estimated cost savings included.



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