Apps for Energy II

Use Green Button and get Green Backs

Rural Electric Cooperative Green Backs


The purpose of this program is to actively engage the electric cooperative member, to increase energy awareness and to promote the concept of renewable assets through conservation. The program is based on Green Button, where the member can download and analyze their energy usage to their mobile device or home computer. The concept is to strengthen the relationship between the cooperative and the membership using incremental steps that are incentivized with small rewards, with the goal to increase energy awareness and conservation.


Program Tools


The “Green Backs” program is loosely based on the old concept of receiving a token from a common purchase, collecting the tokens until a certain quantity is accumulated, and then redeeming the tokens for merchandise. Electric cooperatives provide their membership the education, the tools and the incentives to monitor their energy usage and save money.

a) Education takes the form of membership outreach, for example using bill inserts or direct mailings that describe the “Green Backs” program. Advertising is the mechanism by which the goal of the program and the associated requirements are communicated to the membership.

b) Tools are provided to the membership using “Green Button” to display and analyze their energy usage. “Green Backs” is the proposed app to communicate back to the cooperative the generated token. The functionality of Green Backs will be described later in the proposal, however simplicity and ease of use is paramount.

c) Incentives for the initial phase of this program take the form of small bill rebates. These incentives are needed to increase energy awareness and motivate the membership to conserve.


Green Backs App Functionality

a) Reads and displays in graphical form the downloaded Green Button data.

b) Provides a button to send back to the cooperative a simple phrase of information containing member number, date, Y/N, program level and a numeric value.

c) Provides a receiver for a push of a simple phrase of information from the cooperative for this member, including date, program level, and short text with numeric value.

d) Plays a ringtone when communication is completed and when a Green Backs is rewarded.

e) Accumulates the Green Button data for the member over time up to a predefined maximum setting.

f) Accumulates the Green Backs rewards for display.

Concept Summary


The Green Backs App leverages the Green Button data providing the user an extremely simple interface that can be used in conjunction with the programs driven by the electrical cooperative.



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