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The United Joules of America

Welcome to the United Joules of America! This app-game seeks to educate the general public about the challenges facing America’s energy future and challenge players to create a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. America is one of the biggest energy producers in the World, and a large part of this is coming from unsustainable fossil fuels. However, the general public is mostly illiterate about US energy production and unaware of the scope of the challenge facing America’s energy future where we seek to lessen our dependence on fossil fuel and transition to cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. If the general public was engaged and informed about energy then they could possibly make improvements to their energy usage and even contribute to the energy challenge.


In the beginning of game the player would choose a city that uses real energy data given by E.I.A to simulate its consumption. Various challenges ranging from daily to long term would be issued with corresponding rewards and perks. The challenges would be quite realistic and to achieve them would require the player to do some research to make an informed decision with the available credits. The Challenges can range from reducing the cities per capita energy consumption to transitioning away from fossil fuels into renewables. The player would use the credits available to make informed decisions about energy systems that best suits the region’s energy landscape. Players would be provided with the necessary information and data to complete the challenge directly from DOE’s various data sources. For example, once the player’s city locale is determined by the smartphone’s GPS device the region’s harvest-able renewable energy data would be taken from NREL GIS data maps. Based on this information the player would select from a range of renewable energy plants and choose a suitable location that could help one achieve the challenge. The game would also include a multiplayer interactive component.


The player would be able to invite his real world friends to join and visit other player’s cities. If a friend joins the game some credits could be awarded to the player. Players in the game can interact and make exchanges in order to achieve their goals. The game’s mechanism would resemblance parts of the app game Farmville in that it constantly engages the player with challenges and rewards to keep the simulation level high. Real prizes could be presented occasionally for top scoring players and new comers. Perhaps an ultimate challenge could be issued to all players proclaiming that fossil fuel will run out in 200 years game time. All the players in the game would need to work together to transition America’s energy production to sustainable sources.



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