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"Smart Me Energy App" -

Every day, many families in the United States look for ways to streamline their energy consumption. They struggle to find good information to make the best decisions.

The “Smart-Me Energy” is an app designed to combine 3 things: green button data, product energy utilization information, & educate/inform about energy alternatives. The goal is to provide people with specific energy consumption information, lead them to make better choices on that consumption, and/or to lead them to alternatives.

Within the app, consumers would register as an individual (with login/password) to create a secure, virtual “Smart Me Energy Home.” Once registered, customers would provide details about their current energy provider(s), and enter information about their home (e.g. sq. ft., # of rooms, etc). This would then create a visual picture of a house. The visual picture would change, based upon the information entered (e.g. 2 story image would change to 1 story, if indicated). The consumer could label rooms, hover over the room, and enter details about the energy consuming products in the house, such as stove, computer(s), water heater, etc. Customers would pick from a list of major manufacturers and enter the year of the product, as well as details about average household temperature, # of people who live in the house, etc. As information is entered, it’s automatically save to the login/user.

As the user completes information for each room, details about their energy consumption become visible when hovering over each ‘room’ in the house icon visual. By leveraging Green Button data, and compiling that information with energy star rating/energy consumption information, customers can then know specifically what exactly is consuming their energy. This information would be displayed in an easy to read, expandable format. The more detailed information is entered, the more accurate information the customer would have regarding their energy usage.

Within each room, when hovering, details would display that would provide customers with suggestions/alternatives to cut energy consumption or costs. For example, a customer would hover over an office space in the ‘house,’ and see a list of items such as Lenovo Computer & HP Printer. By double clicking, customers would see that by installing an on/off power strip and discontinuing at night, it would reduce their monthly bill by 3%, or $8 per month. For specific alternatives, customers would have direct links to product information or website that provide comprehensive productive information (not biased to one particular business), including ‘pay back’ time frames until ‘off the grid.’ These same principles would apply to commercial and governmental offices/buildings, with transparency available to the public.



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