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Smart Green Initiative (SGI)


Due to ever increasing energy demand, global competition, and economic conditions, it is imperative for businesses to have a working smart energy plan. To achieve the desired results, innovative solutions are needed.


We propose a cloud-based web service platform called "Smart Green Initiative (SGI)". SGI is a collaborative and iterative platform where businesses help each other by sharing their real-world ideas to reduce energy consumption and eliminate waste.


Let us say, Company-A wants to become energy efficient. They join SGI and follow the steps.

Step-1 Analyze:

Using the available tools in SGI and/or other means, Company-A will analyze their specific data (such as Green Button Data, smart meter data, etc.) to understand how its energy is consumed, what is consuming the most energy, where and when the waste is happening, etc.

Step-2 Apply:

Based on the analysis and ideas available in SGI, Company-A will implement a set of energy saving ideas/methods to save energy. This could mean eliminating phantom loads, updating lighting, HVAC, upgrading most energy consuming devices, etc.

Step-3 Results:

Following implementation, Company-A will get the results of their efforts - and sort which ideas worked, which ideas did not work, what were the obstacles, etc.

Step-4 Share:

Company-A will share their successful and unsuccessful ideas and their practical solutions with SGI community. Company-A will be providing vital information to the rest of the community and its ideas are available to other companies.


Like Company-A, other companies (i.e. Company-B, Company-C, etc.) will follow Steps 1 to 4, and then the ideas from those companies are added to the SGI community. With these new ideas available, Company-A can repeat their process (Steps 1 to 4), to further eliminate energy waste and reduce energy consumption.

By sharing this vital information, the SGI community will build and implement more efficient, environmentally responsible and economically viable energy efficient solutions together. This will likely spur investing in technological innovations and R&D as well as new business ventures.


- Goodwill: By sharing, companies create goodwill among other businesses, their customers and community.

- Publicity: Sharing generates positive publicity for companies which it can take advantage of either through traditional or social media channels.

- Profits: Energy efficiency = reduced overhead costs = increased profits.

- Innovation: Sharing creates innovation through idea generation and collaboration.

- Efficient: A collaborative environment provides solutions that are better, easier and quicker than working alone.

Submitted by The Raj 9 months ago

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Comments (2)

  1. I do like the basis of this idea but I feel like companies already tend to do this with their CSR Reports. Also, I worked with a company that was developing a similar program to what you are referencing but as a third party. We went around to other companies and put together a database of over 800 "opportunities" for companies to take action on. We would require an upfront cost for the program and then it would up to the company to create the right roadmap for themselves.

    9 months ago
  2. The Raj Idea Submitter


    I am glad to learn that you liked the idea. Yes, some companies tend to do with their CSR reports, but it usually and primarily focuses on individual companies rather than a collaborative effort that integrates ideas from multiple companies seamlessly. As you mentioned, it requires a 3rd party company to reach individual companies, and the resulting solution still may be a closed system and focuses primarily on individual companies. In addition, it is not practical to explore the full potential considering the vast number of companies. The proposed solution is intended as an open initiative and platform, without any bounds to share the best practical ideas and solutions among companies and create a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes cross-disciplinary benefits. If you are interested, please contact me with your contact information to discuss further.

    9 months ago