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I am suresh kumar, an income tax officer in chandigarh.

I am working in a centrally A/C building . I got the idea of using the exhaust wind of Air conditioning plant to rotate the turbine for producing energy ,there will be an Energy revolution in the areas where there is no wind mill due to lack of constant flow of wind. Till date the wind mill works in only coastal areas and not in places away from coastel regions.


The A/c plant works for at least 12 hours and that means the the wind mill can generate energy daily for twelve hours without need of natural wind . In off duty hours if there is natural wind ,the wind mill can produce energy.


By my calculations we can produce energy equal to 26%-35% of the total energy consumption in a building having an A/C plant . The cost of Wind mill turbines can be recovered in three years and after that the energy is produced free of cost . In this way we can produce energy in the places far off from coastal areas where till date no wind mill energy is working due to lack of constant flow of wind .

By implementing this technique of horizontal wind turbine we can produce AT LEAST 26% cost of the energy of the investment which is needed to start this project and the production is totally green , there is no carbon emmission, no smoke,no pollution and we are only using the wind that otherwise is going waste all over the world.


The wind turbine is not going to effect the efficiency of the A/C plant,rather it helps the A/c plant as can be seen from the lab experiments.

The energy recovery system is designed in a way that the released waste energy from any exhaust air system is converted to useable energy. As the wind from the exhaust air is readily available and concentrated every time the exhaust air system is operating, the energy generated from the system is predictable and constant in value. With constant rotational speed of turbine, over speed control is not required as only small rotational speed fluctuation is experienced. This feature can increase the longevity of the turbine due to less fatigue experienced. Besides, wind blown by the exhaust‘s fan has a better quality compared to natural wind. Thus, the statistical analysis of wind characteristic over a period of time is not required before deployment of the turbine. In addition to that, selection of the wind turbine for the system would be simpler because the rated speed of the turbine is based on the exhausted wind and power output generated from the system is easily predictable.


If you so desired ,i can send my project report .It is for benefit of mankind.

Thanks and regards,

suresh kumar





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