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Oroeco - Turning Green to Gold

Oroeco is the world’s first automated personal carbon tracking and rewards system. Oroeco users get a holistic view of the life cycle carbon emissions of all of their lifestyle choices, including both purchasing and energy use. We do this by combining a user’s data with life cyle assessment (LCA) carbon impacts for each transaction, with calculations automatically populated with American averages that are further refined by survey information provided by the user (e.g. zipcode, household size, diet preferences, home energy and vehicle fuel purchases,

flights, etc).


To further refine home energy calculations and personalized suggestions, we have also enabled users to connect Green Button data, so they can view the carbon impact of their home energy

use relative to the rest of their lifestyle choices. We’ve partnered with San Diego Gas and Electric through the Green Button Connect protocol, and we’ve recently enabled users to upload

individual Green Button files from any utility.


Oroeco contextualizes a user’s energy and carbon data by partnering with UC Berkeley’s CoolClimate Network to compare with national, state, and local (ZIP code-level) averages, and we integrate with Facebook to compare with friends and family. The service also provides over 50 personalized tips for reducing carbon while saving money, and we’re in the process of adding

both real and virtual rewards for energy savings and carbon impact improvements. We’re also building a version of Oroeco that allows users to track impacts through a combination of Green Button data and surveys, all without requiring a account.


Oroeoc’s free beta web application is available at, and we will soon be releasing iOS and Android apps. We have set up an account loaded with and San Diego Gas and Electric Green Button data. Contest judges may access the account by logging in with the following credentials:



password: oroecoisgr8!


From the dashboard overview (, click the small pie chart icon at the right side of the main bar graph. This will show the total carbon

emissions for the user for the selected time frame. Utility emissions are sub-categorized under “Live,” so click the purple “Live” pie slice. This will break the “Live” category into its sub-categories, including “Utilities,” which accounts for the Green Button data.


Additionally, the user can view their daily electricity consumption by going to Click the “Graph” button or narrow the date range to view electricity consumption by day.


All of this is accessible to Oroeco users if they choose to connect or upload their Green Button data.



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