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Oroeco - Earn rewards for living your values!

In our globalized world we are increasingly removed from the production systems that create the products and services we use everyday. Each dollar we spend and invest has social and environmental impacts linked to global supply chains we depend upon, we just can’t easily see these impacts, compare choices and add everything up. We’re voting with our wallets every day, but we don’t really know what we’re voting for and we’re not sure how to most effectively enact change.


Oroeco’s mission is to provide us all with information and incentives to help align our personal values with our everyday spending, investment and lifestyle decisions. By making this process easy and rewarding, we can empower us all to reengineer the global economy for sustainability.


Our first step is to provide us all with actionable information about how our daily decisions contribute to climate change, using the world’s first fully automated personal carbon footprint calculator. We do this by automatically tracking personal spending (via a data link to, then calculating greenhouse gas emissions for each financial transaction based on scientific life cycle assessment data.


Since heating and electricity make up a large percentage of household greenhouse gas emissions, we’d like to refine these calculations as much as possible. Using a user’s zip code, utility, or off-grid energy source, we can then estimate total electricity and heating emissions by combining real-time Green Button data with eGrid emissions factors. This will enable us to make user-specific suggestions, like shifting electricity demands away from peak hours. This, in turn, will drive renewable energy expansion and grid stability as Oroeco scales to millions of users.


By combining eGrid with Green Button data, we will provide each Oroeco user with the relative importance of achieving personalized energy efficiency actions (like weatherization and LED installation) in terms of carbon, energy and cash savings; and we will illustrate how these home energy actions compare with savings from actions related to transportation, diet, shopping and other lifestyle choices.


Most importantly, we’re making all this data fun and social by integrating with Facebook, providing benchmark comparisons for friends and local averages, and rewarding Oroeco users with “oro” points they can cash in for both virtual prizes and real world deals. So Oroeco users will get rewarded for both taking action and encouraging all their friends to do the same, scaling personal action into societal change. Check out for an intro video and more info on our team, and thanks for your consideration. With your help we can all solve climate change, one dollar at a time!



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