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The problem:

Currently, it's too difficult for homeowners to adopt alternative energy solutions in their household. While there's a wealth of information online about alternatives like solar cells and wind energy, it's often difficult to turn that into specific action items or specific next steps. Even harder is calling different companies and providers (e.g. solar panel installers) and getting quotes, which often times includes having these companies send technicians to the house to do measurements. All in all, it's a long process, and only a few people adopt renewable energy technologies in their household. In addition, many people who haven't done the research think that adopting alternative energy sources are expensive and there's a large up-front cost, which of course is no longer true as there are companies like SolarCity which are making it almost free to lease panels.


The solution:

My dream is to make it as easy to adopt renewables as it is to purchase Apple products. If purchasing solar panels was as easy as purchasing an iPad, I'm positive more homeowners would embrace them. I want to make a website (and mobile application as well) that allows homeowners to enter their address & electricity provider and immediately retrieves estimates & dates from local solar providers (to start, I want to focus on solar energy adoption) and even allows users to book appointments online. Combining Google Earth / satellite maps with private data sets that have measurements for the amount of sunlight that falls on every acre, every day of the year, would help me provide general estimates for how much sun falls on a house.


Then, I would want to pass that data on to companies like Solar City & First Solar, who will return an estimate immediately to pass on to the user and they can decide to schedule an appointment or even a call to talk further with the various solar providers over pricing, maintenance, or other questions. The key tricky parts is getting access to the data that describes how much sunlight falls on a home and integrating into existing solar provider companies' software solutions and working with them. I think the latter is less difficult as they have an incentive to work with me if I'm bringing them more customers (which of course I'll take a commission so the business can be sustainable).


This is my world changing idea! American homes are one of the largest users of grid energy, and I want to make it more accessible for homeowners to get off the grid and plug into alternative energy sources. Thankfully, almost every homeowner wants to save more money and even if they don't care about the environment per say, they will still be interested in my website as I am making it super easy for them to save more on their bills!



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