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Macro and Personal View of Energy Usage Across Functions

The average person has a siloed view of energy consumption. There is currently no a way to compare across different types of energy use. This makes it difficult to have a solid understanding of where and how to make an impact. It also leaves a large gap in personal and public understanding of energy consumption. There are some basic questions that we, the general public, cannot answer about energy usage. For example, how much energy is used for national defense vs public education? How much energy is used for the local library vs the local professional baseball team? Or on a personal level, how much energy do I use to drive to work vs heat my home? We propose a new data set that will enable this view of energy consumption correlated to the functional purpose of that consumption. This data set will enable macro level understandings of national energy usage that can be understood by a 5th grader. It will also enable personal views of energy usage that can inform daily lifestyle decisions by individuals. While great data sets are available with very detailed views of usage, there is a void of macro-level correlated data that can help create visualizations, infographics and tools to help broader understanding of energy usage by more Americans.



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