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KilowattScore.Com (KWS.Com) is a Green Button Application that addresses the

three key featured inputs including; providing a homeowner the ability to compare their energy

usage against similar homes, a scoring model which uses historic energy consumption trends to

justify efficiency upgrades and a gamification feature which allows users to earn points for

energy consumption.

Submitted by garinopaul 5 months ago

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Comments (3)

  1. I was able to set up my home in your system, and when I downloaded my xml file, I received an error message. This is probably me, not you, since I only have two months of smart meter data, and Dominion has a weird format apparently (According to Leafully). Two comments: In the questions section, I was asked how many dryers I had, but the biggest factor effecting my energy use for clothes drying is the fuel (which is gas). I was also asked how LEDs I have, and answered 47, but the real question is how many incandescents do you have. Every lightbulb in my house is either a CFL or LED, so no actionable data could be obtained with that question.

    4 months ago
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  2. Very nice presentation though. I would like to use the program when I get enough xml data recorded with my new TOU rate tariff.

    4 months ago
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  3. garinopaul Idea Submitter

    Thanks for the feedback, the program requires that you download your last 12 months of green button data, does your utility provide that amount of data? I can send you a user id and password so you can explore the application. I would welcome additional feedback on the app.


    4 months ago
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