Using Existing Datasets

Interactive oil&gas infrastructure map

As an analyst in O&G, I have a need for a clear integral vision of the US oil and gas transport infrstructure including main existing and projeted pipelines, refineries and proseccing pants, LNG terminals etc. Geographical price spreads are crucial for today's oil and gas markets, while thay are mainly caused by fast changes in production profiles and unadequate transport capacities. Clear vision of how the oil moves from main production areas to storage and processing units is a key to understanding the US oil market whihci the industry frequently lacks. After looking through the data sets already offered I didn't find the simple scheme of how, where and in what quantities the oil flows through the major pipelines, railroads and terminals. That's why I propose a quite simple interactive decision consisting of several layers on a US map:

- current oil prices by PADD (

- current/annual oil production at the main production areas

- main oil pipelines with direction, capacity and flows indicated (annual and bpd)

- crude-by-rail projects with direction, capacity and flows indicated

- main refineries with capacity and output indicated

- main import/export terminals

- projected pipelines with direction, capacity indicated

- projection of the map for the future (e,g, 2020, 2030)

- similar set for natural gas



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