Using Existing Datasets

Idea for An Existing Dataset

Of the four Topic datasets listed in the NLE( National Energy Library That encompass all available energy data sets in the DOE complex) Science and R&D, energy technology for industry & home owners, energy market information, nuclear security and environmental management


We think the most valuable data set for us is “Science and R&D”

In Our work, information available from some of the papers could directly help in planning new experiments and eliminating work that has already been done by other researchers saving us money and time in bring products and products for others to market and any necessary consulting .


For Example In our Catalyst Bed Solar cell or catalyst Bed thermal cell technology ( device for converting heat directly into electricity) we are very interested in catalyst used for water splitting, cathode & anode catalyst and specifically there composition, cost, and other technical properties.

Such information if helpful would save experimental time and reduce work in selection of functional working materials.


At the risk of crossing over into contests sections on "Wish List" Dataset: and Killer Ideas, we like to suggest the following ideas to improve the datasets.

1, advertise Dataset availability on Google since we could start our search there instead of wasting time on Google.

2, Create an index of topics, materials, and experiments that cross reference a paper of interest.

3, All energy technology had a beginning somewhere so we would like to see a history of the technology ( example the Li ion battery was invented 100 years ago so would like to trace it’s development path so we could develop a more successful direction of experiments)



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