Using Existing Datasets

Home Energy Score API

We propose a Home Energy Score API to allow home buyers and renters to know the energy performance of a home as part of the purchasing or rental decision. The home energy score should be available on home purchasing sites like MLS,, and Zillow and on apartment rental sites like, and This information should be as easily accessible as the miles per gallon rating on vehicles and the Energy Star rating on appliances. Similarly this will help to understand the overall cost of energy in living in that home. With this information, consumers can make better decisions about budgeting and energy use relative to their home. This will utilize the existing and valuable DoE data set for Home Energy Score ( and also make use of data from Home Energy Saver ( and the Database of State Incentives ( The Home Energy Score API will insert this information into the consumer decision making process and therefore increase the popularity of Home Energy Score. This will encourage more homes to be assessed and more contractors to become qualified assessors. Furthermore, the transparency will cause the Home Energy Score to be a factor in the marketability of a home and promote efficient energy performance. More homeowners and landlords will invest in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Our proposed API will extract from the Home Energy Score site and provide an easy to integrate data set for home purchasing and apartment rental sites. We will work with the providers of these websites to help them integrate this information about each property just as they show other relevant details such as property taxes and school district. Energy performance should be just as transparent and important. We will make this possible with the Home Energy Score API.


Home Energy Score API will be available at We will provide documentation, example code and links to sites that use the API.



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