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Greenity - Get greener!

How green are you?

You recycle your waste, you buy organic, and you carpool with your colleagues when commuting… But do you know how green is your electricity?

Every hour the grid activates various means of power generation ranging from coal-fired power-plant to solar energy. Every kWh consumed will be more or less green depending on its origin. An hour when renewable energy is at its highest is then a “Green hours”. On the contrary an hour when most of the generation comes from fossil-fueled power plants is called a “CO2 hour”.

Greenity tracks the mix of production means to give you the greenest hours of the day. We leverage your consumption data via the Green Button as well as data from the electrical grid (CAISO) to help you to better understand your consumption and its impact. You get greener as you move your electricity consumption peaks to green hours.

You can follow in real-time your level of consumption (low/medium/high) compared to the level of renewable energy production. We forecast the next green hours and we provide actionable tips so you can optimize your electricity consumption to match the greenest hours. You will know which energy-hungry appliances can be activated during those hours.

With your monthly goals, you can track and improve your energy consumption. We monitor your progress month-after-month and encourage you to get a greener consumption.

Created by: Thibault Poisson & Maud Texier

Submitted by maudtexier 5 months ago

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  1. Nicely done! If you want to expand outside of California, check out the WattTime API http://api.watttime.org/, it has all the real-time data for the rest of the country too. (http://energychallenge.energy.gov/a/dtd/WattTime-Impact-API/53000-26122)

    5 months ago
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  2. I have many hourly xml data files from my customers in California that I have done energy audits for. Can I process them with your program?

    5 months ago
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