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GPT – Green Peak Tweak

Green Peak Tweak is designed to engage consumers in changing their energy usage patterns by showing when renewable energy is generated (1). Consumers learn what portion of their energy usage comes from renewable resources. For example, if a consumer used 10kWh from 10AM to 11AM and the system showed that 12.5% of all energy for that period came from renewable sources, then the consumer used 1.25kWh of renewable energy. Renewable energy production varies during by day, week, and season. (2) As data from CAISO shows, the ratio of renewable energy to load is much lower during peak hours and much higher off peak hours or on weekends. To use more renewable energy, consumers need to change their energy usage patterns.

GEU (Green Energy Usage) can be formulated as aggregation of renewable energy usage vs total energy usage.

GEU = 10000 * (accumulated green energy usage) / (total energy usage) (3)

GEU can be calculated for consumers for any period of time. Weekly intervals would be most effective. GEU represents a ratio of renewable energy used, but is not affected by the total amount of consumed energy. Thus, it can serve to compare renewable energy usage among consumers regardless of their total usage, house size, etc. Since green energy grows in popularity, GEU may help consumers use more renewable energy and avoid energy usage peaks with high non-renewable generation contribution.

Examples of how GPT can be used:

- For utilizing Green Button Data. Consumers can submit their usage data to service and have GEU calculated with suggestions on how to increase GEU by changing their energy usage patterns.

- For creating contests/competitions at the utility or ISO/RTO level and implement one of gamification platforms. GEU can be compared on a weekly or monthly basis for badges or rewards.

- For creating loyalty programs. Utilities can create loyalty programs and award consumers for maintaining appropriate levels of GEU for specific periods of time.

In many cases data needed to implement GPT already exists, such as hourly contribution of renewable generation, AMI systems with hourly data, and Green Button Data. The implementation of GPT involves predictable costs and low risk. Pilot programs can be developed relatively quickly.

(1) Data required for this idea is described as Green Energy Tracker submittal to “Wish List” Dataset.

(2) California ISO already presents renewable energy contribution on daily basis with hourly data intervals, but their data format is not convenient for automated data import.

(3) GEU can be also normalized to max of 100%.

Submitted by Jacek.szamrej 9 months ago

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  1. Your "Wishlist" Dataset and mine seem to be very similar :) I will add some additional references since this is the App/Service "Killer Idea" I envisioned that data set would enable.

    - Ontario's IESO does a good job of providing this type of current (hourly) data (http://reports.ieso.ca/public/). It's in XML and can be parsed on-demand.

    - Denmark has an excellent visualization along these lines (http://energinet.dk/Flash/Forside/UK/index.html).

    Excellent app idea! I'm glad it has gotten legs!

    8 months ago
    1. Jacek.szamrej Idea Submitter

      Thank you for your comment and for information about IESO. At the link you sent I was not able to find information about renewable participation and wind prediction folder was empty. Maybe this was moved somewhere?

      8 months ago
  2. It is well recognized that approximately 50% of energy savings depends on the behavior of the user, the remaining half on the technology. Providing feedback on the use of energy is very important, because awareness of own energy use promotes the change of the behavior. The novelty of Green Peak Tweak is that it goes beyond providing feedback about just the amount of energy use and provides the feedback about the source of energy used. It extends the choice of the user and thus provides an additional dimension of consumer's choice. Implementation of this idea would allow people to make choices not only how much energy they use, but also, to some degree, how their energy is produced. This proposal is very realistic and t is clear that how it could be implemented.

    8 months ago
  3. 8 months ago
    1. Jacek.szamrej Idea Submitter

      John, thank you for link, this excellent!!! I'm glad that other people have similar ideas. So, Green Peak Tweak goes one step further, it compare % of used green energy with other consumers. With GPT you dont need to set your goal, competition (other users) will set the goals for you. But with energy usage (even only % of energy) the competition is not endless, so depending on specific location it should be incentive to stay in good "shape" of energy usage. Anyway, the clue is to compare % of load between consumers and it can be green energy or energy during the peak. You can look at my entry to last year challenge, which was fully running during the challenge, now its only video (http://appsforenergy.challengepost.com/submissions/8003-peaktweak)

      If you are involved in WattTime, it would be nice to work together to extend WattTime by Green Peak Tweak which I think is simple for consumer but very powerful tool.

      8 months ago