Using Existing Datasets

Excel Add-in to Pull in EIA Data

Most who visit the EIA, do so to download data into a spreadsheet. For those researches, analysts, and businesses that don't know VBA but wish to retrieve EIA data, we have to go online and re-download it or manually input data each time it's updated- weekly/ monthly/ annually. The EIA's charting feature is helpful, many prefer to manipulate the data themselves, in their own spreadsheets, which is quite time consuming with so many different data sets. This is where current inefficiencies exist, and where it can be vastly improved by being made more accessible.


My vision is to be able to pull in EIA data through an Excel Add-in.


The excel syntax/ function would include:


1. Field name (i.e "US_oil_production", "ND_Oil_Prod", etc)

2. Start Date ("1/1/00", or "-13Y")

3. End Date ("today()" or left blank or for automatic updates)

4.Time Period of data set (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). If not specified, default to how the EIA presents the data.


Bonus features include the ability to pull in the data horizontally or vertically and have the ability to hide dates.


The syntax/ excel function would be something like this:

=EIA("Field_name","Start Date","End Date","Period")


Example 1: "Pulling in the data for weekly US oil production over the last 10 years."




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