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Energy Conscious Datasets

We need to bring awareness so that our employees, home owners, students, as citizen and our work force in commercial and industrial sector is Energy Conscious. Energy usage and cost equation should become our second nature.

At a high level, we need to associate kWh, kW demand for the light fixtures, appliances, commercial and industrial equipment i.e. Compressors, Chillers etc.

EnergyStar website already has very valuable information, for example compressor energy costs, leakage analysis and tips for utilizing compressors efficiently. We need to use similar approach for other household appliances to equipment. We should prioritize this effort to building automation in phase 1 as it is a significant load to our aging electrical grid.

We also need to do a deeper analysis of showing energy curves with other variables with interactive tools. For example HVAC curves depending upon outside air temperature or humidity, number of occupants, CFM, square feet that shows a relationship of energy usage over day, weeks, season or year. Also with interactive tool, showing an energy efficiency step that can quantify the energy savings in dollars and kWh.


We need to make kWh to be understood and to be used in campaigns for making our great country an energy conscious country.



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