Apps for Energy II

Energy Analyst

Energy Analyst is a web application designed to analyze the energy efficiency of a variety of common home and building characteristics. It does this by showing the energy consumption of two different building profiles. For example, a comparison between 2 different heating technologies, radiator vs. heat pump can be run to see the difference in energy consumption across a sampling of over 1500 homes in the United States.


Energy Analyst also allows the user to enter their own building or home data to see where they fall relative to filtering profiles they run. Essentially, it’s like being able to add their data to the overall data set and see their data are impacted by the filtering criteria. Entering personal data is made easy through the “Green Button XML Data Import” process. The app takes care of pulling the necessary Green Button XML data and totaling energy use and cost across all imported files.


Energy Analyst is based on the U.S. Department of Energy's Buildings Performance Database and the database’s API. The data set contains de-identified data on over 150,000 commercial and residential buildings from across the United States. This data and API along with the ability to add your own home and building information makes Energy Analyst and interesting and valuable tool for identifying cost-saving energy efficiency improvements.



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