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ENACT - 5 minutes can save your business $50000 a year!

Example of a problem: The cost of end-customer acquisition remains the biggest challenge for the distributed energy industry. American small business consumer 25% of all electric power generated – so a tremendous potential to save energy! Yet from the consumer perspective, awareness about clean energy choices and savings opportunities is extremely low and the mainstream business consumer is unable to seek un-biased answers from trustworthy, independent sources about their energy consumption, rates and cost saving options. Most important, such energy savings solutions need financing – and their local banks are able and willing to finance them now: yet there is no platform that allows banks to find credit-worthy businesses.


The idea: EnAct’s offers a SaaS-based marketplace for business consumers to find accurate energy saving solutions for their businesses at the push of a button. EnAct is not only an origination platform but also a marketing analytics and CRM platform for OEMs, providers and financiers, who can now run unique referral and affiliate campaigns. Ultimately EnAct is a powerful big-data aggregation play for distributed energy, with several strategic opportunities.


EnAct’s Technology Solution: EnAct’s platform creates accurate, customized proposals for energy cost savings leveraging various data sources including utility smart meter integration through GreenButton and geospatial data. EnAct also integrates / partners with local banks, that allows business credit reporting data to be aggregated. Combining both, EnAct creates targeted and customized energy savings solutions for small business consumers.


EnAct subscribers are local contractors and developers seeking attractive small-commercial projects. EnAct’s platform improves sales planning and fulfillment through CRM tracking and automated lead nurturing, all reducing customer acquisition costs.


Market opportunity: According to McKinsey, the world market opportunity for energy efficiency and distributed energy is expected to be $1.0 trillion+ by 2020.


EnAct’s growth is tied to global smart meter adoption, the key source of energy data for its platform. While CA exceeds 75% smart meter penetration, overall US is at 35% now.


Team: EnAct is lead by Deep Chakraborty, a business leader in the clean energy space, who was until recently CEO and Managing Director of Centrosolar America, a leading distributor of clean energy products. Prior to that, Deep has a decade long experience in the US automotive industry. EnAct's other co-founders have two decades of experience in the high-tech industry, in the area of software and technology. Deep is advised by Charles Ferer, former CFO of Solar City, and former President of Sungevity, a leading solar developer.



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