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EEme - Implementer

EEme's Implementer platform is designed to empower energy efficiency (EE) program implementers, e.g., electric utilities or 3rd party providers, to be more targeted in their EE outreach and marketing programs. EEme processes Greenbutton interval data using proprietary algorithms to predict the EE potential by EE measure for every user in a given service territory. In turn, these predictive EE metrics are displayed on the Implementer platform for the implementer to slice and dice through their customer base with respect to these predictive EE metrics of interest and address questions like "Where are the 99th percentile of homes which can benefit from a refrigerator replacement?" or "How many kWh could be saved if we installed smart thermostats across the "top" 1,000 homes?".


The Implementer platform is designed to enable the implementers to allocate the right resources to the right users and to the right measures to meet the state-mandated targets in an optimized fashion at a portion of their original program cost. Thus, the empowered implementer can mine for the sweet spots across their service territory.


Please log in with the following user credentials to enjoy the EEme Implementer platform - username:, password: password.


System requirements: EEme's Implementer platform operates on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.



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