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Construction Performance Measurement Dashboard using XBRL-CET

The initial Green Button established a formally adopted Smart Meter Data Set that prompted the development of a wide range of new applications to perform analytics on energy usage to better manage consumption. Our prototype application is designed to promote the same level of innovation in application development by demonstrating the potential of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) for building the Smart Grid, and letting developers know about the effort to establish XBRL-CET (XBRL for Construction, Energy and Transportation) to enable interoperability for use by energy related entities, public and private.


Building the nation’s energy infrastructure will involve numerous stakeholders. Each has their own systems designed for their specific industry or need, and most systems cannot efficiently exchange data creating lost productivity and increased costs. The need for common standards and interoperability is well recognized and the government has lead the effort with the 2009 “Interactive Data to Improve Financial Reporting” legislation that created the XBRL standard for financial reporting to the SEC, the 2007 Energy Independence Act which established the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and regulations such as the Data Act that requires all federally funded projects to utilize open standards for financial reporting.


Those government actions provide the foundation for interoperability, but without implementation will not archive their intended purpose.


Our Construction Performance Measurement Dashboard is designed to demonstrate implementation of XBRL beyond just filing to the SEC by utilizing construction related data, including data related to utility scale solar development and the interconnection process, for monitoring construction activity, and then relating that data to other data points like energy consumption and weather for improved analytics.


The prototype Dashboard is part of the AGC Surety Connection Project at CSU Chico and represents a collaboration with Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), XBRL US along with many public and private entities.


Data by Design is only enabled when data standards are universally adopted and implemented, and that takes a catalyst like the Green Button Data Set, or the Next Green Button Data Set – XBRL-CET.



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