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Automobile social metering network

Automobile operators are not aware of how they could save money by increasing fuel efficiency in their vehicle. There is no vivid relationship between hard earned dollars and a driver’s driving profile. Consumers and automobile operators do not have a firm grasp on the total cost of providing energy to their automobile and how efficient or inefficient their automobile operates.


I propose that automobile operators can maximize their fuel efficiency if there were a way for drivers to check the performance and efficiency of other drivers’ automobiles of the same make and model. Drivers would be able to compare fuel usage and driving habits with other similar drivers and cars. This could be accomplished through installation of an OBD-II data capture device on the data port which is available on all cars after 1996. Data could be uploaded to a central database and drivers would compare their driving profile and vehicle to those of others. Simply adding 1-3 miles per gallon of efficiency to millions of automobiles would save massive amount of fuel per year.


For example, the driver of a 2005 Honda Civic LX with basic options could go online and see that the majority of other drivers with similar driving habits are getting at least 3 more miles-per-gallon in fuel efficiency. This could leave the car owner to discover that the car’s tire pressure may not be optimized or that spark plugs may need to be replaced.



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